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Disney Genie+

Disney Genie+ is a new service introduced at Disney parks to enhance the guest experience by providing a more streamlined way to plan and enjoy their day at the parks. Here's an overview of Disney Genie+:

1. Digital Planning Assistant:

  • Disney Genie+ serves as a digital planning assistant accessible through the My Disney Experience app. It helps guests plan their day by providing personalized itinerary suggestions based on their preferences, interests, and available attractions.

2. Lightning Lane Access:

  • With Disney Genie+, guests can access the Lightning Lane queues at participating attractions throughout the parks. Lightning Lane replaces the former FastPass system and allows guests to enjoy shorter wait times for select attractions by reserving access in advance.

3. Ride Reservations:

  • Guests can make ride reservations for select attractions using Disney Genie+. They can reserve access to attractions one at a time throughout the day, with the ability to make additional reservations after redeeming their initial selection.

4. Additional Features:

  • In addition to Lightning Lane access, Disney Genie+ offers other features to enhance the guest experience, such as dining recommendations, real-time attraction wait times, mobile ordering for dining, and virtual queues for select attractions.

5. Availability and Pricing:

  • Disney Genie+ is available for purchase as an add-on to park tickets or as part of select vacation packages. Pricing varies depending on factors such as park admission date and demand.

  • Guests who purchase Disney Genie+ can use the service on the day of their visit to access Lightning Lane queues and make ride reservations, subject to availability.

6. Accessibility and Integration:

  • Disney Genie+ is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, with integration into the My Disney Experience app for seamless planning and management of reservations.

  • Guests can use Disney Genie+ to optimize their park experience, minimize wait times, and maximize their time enjoying attractions, entertainment, and dining options throughout the parks.

Overall, Disney Genie+ offers guests a convenient and efficient way to plan and enjoy their day at Disney parks, with access to Lightning Lane queues and other features to enhance their park experience.


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